This game is about trying to find a place where you belong and discovering what home means to you in the process. Memory shapes our reality and through immersing oneself into it, one can recreate what was lost. Explore strange world of memories and find your way home.

    Created during 2 days for Global Game Jam 2019 and was improved a little during a few month. The game makes you feel goosebumps through music and surroundings. I really recommend you to try it ones. I promise you won't regret this.

    Theme - "What home means to you"

    Would be coul if you leave some comments, feedback. So

   Just play a little, and enjoy.

    P. S. Music are very important part of the game, so play only in headphones.


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Where I belong 41 MB
Where I Belong Linux 48 MB
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Decent game. The story in this game is very understandable... (5:33)

deep story